Denise / Denis / The Net to Catch us All.

gender #1: “Denise,” written by Neil Levenson and recorded and released by Randy & the Rainbows in 1963, peaking in August of that year, around three months before Kennedy and Dallas.

gender #2: “Denise,” released in February 1978 in the UK by Blondie, gender switched.

Between these historic moments the epistemic gulf, a void that has yet to be filled with paranoic meaning. The joy of music, the joy of art, expressed no longer in the great, grand, false narratives but now in the piecemeal take-downs of this-or-that identity defilement. A curious case of the right ideas destroying, methodically, the right ideas. Art as an expression of bad thought awaiting its assassin.

Look here: a target, a brown hare on white snow. Prepare the archers. The tar-pit trap of thought. The net to catch us all.

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