Ramones Redux

Nice to see a copy of my 33 1/3 volume on Ramones and lots of other 33 1/3’s at the great, new(ish), independent Ann Arbor bookstore Literati. (Thanks, Maddy, for the pic.)


I amassed a pretty big archive of documents as part of the research phase for that book and for A Cultural Dictionary of Punk: 1974-1982. Here are a few snapshots from the many thousands of pages:

A photograph of the Mo-dettes by Joe Stevens in the 18 October 1980 copy of New Musical Express, and this quote from Kate Korris: “America is the land of the tumble-dry and the Sta-pressed.” Leave it to Mo-dettes to transform the Stones’ “Paint it Black” into an alien transmission.


Below: a photo of the band Suicide that adorns the back of the Spring 1978-79 issue of the New York-based magazine FFanzeen. (Here is “Ghost Rider.”–“America America is killing its youth”)


And this layout from the Dearborn Heights, Michigan magazine Ballroom Blitz (1978) of the Detroit band the Mutants. Here’s their 1978 song “So American” (“the other countries bore me / let’s drink to the U.S.A”)–a Midwestern mash-up of Ramones and The Dictators, especially The Dictators, and especially especially the last :15 seconds or so of the song.


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  1. First time I heard of the Ramones was reading Creem magazine and they did one of those fake ads for Boy Howdy! beer. Wish I could find that again! Also, we are giving away some 33 1/3 books this month at my short film screening but we didn’t get any of yours, which makes me sad.

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